Writing cases & accessories

Adaptation of the Capriccio model to use it as a writing case. It has slim lines, with less volume and circle incisions. In the top part there is an oval slot with flat background. A great fit for an office desk. Dimensiones 57x41cm  

185,54 €

This pencil holder stands out for its hexagonal shape and baroque design. A perfect gift for an office desk. Dimensions:9.5cm x10cm  

41,24 €

This original pencil holder, made in various shapes and embossed with motif stamp of Cordoba. It is an ideal gift for office. 

41,24 €

A pencil holder made with engraved leather and adorned with an original motif. Ideal present for a conference or entrepreneurial event. Dimensions:9,5cm x 10cm 

41,24 €

This is a polyvalent writing case, because it can be a fantastic stand to write and work upon it, but it also gives a styling touch to your desk. Dimensiones 58x40cm  

123,55 €