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Embossed leather backpack made by cordovan style. Lacería design consists of a serie of intertwined lines that generate polygonal and star shapes. This bag has a zipped interior with two compartments. Size: 33x28 cm 

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Composition Vegetable tanned cow skin
Dimensions Height: 33 cm / Width: 28 cm
Technique Embossed leather - Cordovan
Availability Available upon request (15-20 days)
Inside Pocket with zip fastener and double compartment for mobile phones
Designed by Granada Barrero
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Fantastic cowhide bag for every day with an original motif. It has an adjustable shoulder strip with different measures and a magnetized clasp. Heigth:27cm Width:25cm Depth:15cm 

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1 Reviews

  • Blanca P

    Preciosa Mochila

    por en 2020-07-02

    Me encanta su diseño y el tinte de la piel.

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