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Limite collection barroc style in embossed leather wallet. Size: 19x11 cm 

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Composition Vegetable-tanned lambskin
Dimensions Size:19x11 cm
Process Leather worked, painted and varnished
Technique Embossing
Acabado Cordobán
Availability Available upon request (15-20 days)
Inside Slots for cards in the sides and a coin purse in the centre with zip fastener.
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Leather shoulder bag made with cordoban technique inspired by the horseshoe,bifoil and semicircular arcades in the Mosque of Cordova. Fashion leather party bag for women includes metal hoop. Inside pocket with zip fastener and double compartment for mobile phones. Now you can print your initials or a little message without paying any additional cost. Size: 25x25x4 cm 




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  • Kathy Butera


    por en 2020-08-17

    This sweet billfold will go with many purses, and looks wonderful on its own. The colors and workmanship are superb! Customer service is excellent, and the shipping was amazing. Highly recommend this shop!

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