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Leather tapestry with a world map from 1696, handcrafted on embossed leather with original elements. We must highlight the representative images of Europe, Asia, America and Africa. An exquisite idea for interior decoration. Several colours to choose. Dimensions: 79 x102 including wooden cap This product is available in a great variety of colors and all of them may not be present in the web. Please contact us by e-mail at and we will send you all the available options to choose from.

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Composition Vegetable-tanned lambskin
Dimensions 79x102 cm wooden finshing included
Process Embossed leather, painted and varnished.
Technique Embossing
Acabado Cordoban
Mounting Aluminium bars and wooden finishing
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Artistic leather panel finished with guadamecí technique. It features arabesques, symmetrical decorative elements copying the shape of the leaves, flowers and other vegetal motifs. A perfect fit for any room in the house! Dimensions: 37x37 cm 

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