Paintings & tapestries

This tapestry shows a lot of small flowers, narcissus and jasmines distributed among other bigger ones like daisies or exotic Indian flowers. In the top, we can see two parrots pecking at berries and pomegranates, separated by an element similar to a fan. A colorful and sparkling design. 

1 033,06 €

This tapestry recreates the Cupido (Cupid in Spanish) design of this collection, taken from an 18th century armchair. Two putti (chubby male child figures) carrying a bow, an arrow and an ear of corn among the profuse floral decoration, almost hiding the main characters. There are butterflies, bees, little birds and even a monkey spread all over this...

1 114,88 €

This leather tapestry stands out for its beautiful design with flowers and myrtle (arrayán in Spanish). A great accessory to decorate a bedhead. There is a version for each orientation: vertical and horizontal. Dimensions: 102x156 cm including wooden cap 

1 148,76 €