Meryan and Promi Foundation

Meryan and Promi Foundation

Today we share with you a special collaboration with Promi Foundation that we have been carrying out for a year now.

In the framework of their duties not only are the nursing and the improvement in the quality of  life of people with special needs, dependants or minors but also they promote proactively their skills and abilities.

Within the assistance to people with disabilities, the foundation remarks the importance of building a daily routine and the development of duties and activities that encourage their self-estimee. In this spirit, Promi at its Cordova centre, promotes a series of workshops such as packaging, labelling or bookbinding. Some of those workshop in cooperation with several companies.

That was when, a year ago, one of the staff member of Promi contacted us to suggest a collaboration entrusting them easy tasks that they could carry out in their workshops. Immediately, the idea thrill us because we identify ourselves with those same social values. So that we thought that they will be able to paint and stick our bookmarks and cupholders in leather. These are small sized pieces made with remnants of leather that we prepare and give them to work with as well as the dye. Later on they paint them and stick to the cover.


The final products have been a success by the perfect finishing as well as the personal fulfillment in these tasks.

Last Christmas, as collaborating company, we were invited to learn more the centre and workshops and we were fascinated by the work Promi Foundation does. We feel satisfied with this cooperation and with our support to this foundation, where they work tirelessly to develop the emotional and labour potential of all those people with special needs improving their livelihoods.


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