Mission statement

Meryan is a family business whose main aim is to recover and maintain the tradition of the Cordoban leatherwork styles known as "Cordobanes” and “Guadameciles”. These styles of handicraft originated in the 10th century and the city of Cordoba was once famous for them; now they have virtually disappeared and are sadly underrated.

We also aim to supply a high-quality local product both to tourists who visit the city and the people of Cordoba, companies, and public and private entities who wish to give local Cordoban handicrafts as gifts.

Most importantly, our product is a unique one and everyone identifies it with the city of Cordoba.

We would also like to revive this handicraft, unfortunately so underrated these days, and give it back the status it deserves in the eyes of the public. In particular, we aim to raise public awareness about "Cordobanes” and “Guadameciles” among the people of Cordoba, Spain and abroad.

All handicraft production contains a major element of culture - it is part of the country's heritage and a source of information about our local culture - but more importantly, it also represents a sustainable productive activity through which those who are involved can make a living.

Our vision

The Meryan company aims to achieve slow but steady growth, by publicising our product on both the Spanish and international markets through:

  • Attending craft fairs, exhibitions, events, etc.
  • Continuing the search for new markets to promote our products (religious fraternities, companies, new distribution channels, etc.)
  • Exploring the international market and taking advantage of any business opportunities that may arise.
  • Developing a virtual store for online shopping.

In our daily work, we aim to improve our working techniques, by renewing the structure of our organization and company management. We are achieving our goals by bringing in the progressive computerization of the company business using integrated management programs.

Our efforts are also focused on improving the quality of our products. We are currently creating a quality manual to improve our production process and internal organization.rn

We are also carrying out joint ventures with other artisans to publicize our handicraft via joint exhibitions or by attending craft fairs.

In addition, we carry out training activities such as workshops or lectures to spread knowledge about our work to a wider public.rn

Our values

Our company values are:

  • Customer information service. The most important thing for us is the client, so all our work is geared towards providing the best customer service possible.
  • Caring about people. In the area of human resources, providing opportunities for the people employed in our workshop to develop personally and professionally through in-service training, encouraging fluid communication between workers and creating a good atmosphere in the workplace.
  • Teamwork. In our organization, we firmly believe that teamwork is the vital ingredient for us to grow as people and as a company.
  • Respect for others. This is a value which brings us harmony, warmth, acceptance and an optimistic, positive-minded working environment. It also makes for more open, friendly communication.
  • Developing creativity. One very important ingredient of our craftwork is the fact that behind all our production processes lies a spirit of creativity and continuous learning. Continuous creation and developing creativity allows us to tailor our products to suit the needs of consumers at all times.