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Leather shoulder bag made with cordoban technique inspired by the horseshoe,bifoil and semicircular arcades in the Mosque of Cordova. Fashion leather party bag for women includes metal hoop. Inside pocket with zip fastener and double compartment for mobile phones. Now you can print your initials or a little message without paying any additional cost. Size:

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Composition Natural cow leather and flap made of split leather
Dimensions Height: 25 cm Width: 25 cm Depth: 4 cm
Technique Embossing
Acabado Cordobán
Availability Available upon request (15-20 days)
Inside Inside pocket with zip and two compartments for mobile phones.
Designed by Granada Barrero
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Leather shopper bag made with cordoban technique inspired by the horseshoe, bifoil and semicircular arcades in the Mosque of Cordova. It a shopper of landscape format and large dimension. Leather handbag with black or natural colors includes metal hoop or leather handle in different colors. A new bag concept with simple and more contemporary lines. Size: 36x30x7 cm 


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2 Reviews

  • Enrique Carrasco Álvarez

    Precioso bolso

    uno de los más bonitos de toda la colección

  • danielopez


    por en 2020-07-09

    me encanta este bolso por su sencillez y diseño

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