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Tolosa is a design with Goth reminiscences based on secant circles holding a floral button between them. Dimensions: 19x11cm 

96,28 €

Leather tote bag with Walada design. A leather good with elegance, a different and unique accessory. Heigth: 18cm Width:33cm Depth:12cm 

148,68 €

Leather bucket bag with Tolosa design, based on secant circles. A modern and current bag with a matching wallet to complete your style. Heigth:27cm Width:25cm Depth:15cm 

135,95 €

Embossed leather tote bag representing the vegetable motifs carved in limestone and marble in the old city Madinat al-Zahra. Limited Edition. 

206,20 €

This delicate and balanced floral design sets off the femininity of the product. You can choose the type of handle: a silver chain. A flexible clutch, elegant but casual at the same time. Heigth:22cm Width:30cm Depth:2cm 

140,08 €

A leather handbag with shoulder strap made with cordoban technique inspired on the Andalusian tiling and its patterns. The inside has plenty of space for your purse, smartphone, ipad 9.7 inches, notebook, pen, credits cards and many other items depending on your job. It features a zip in the back.     

145,87 €

Smaller version of the isabelline tote bag. It includes a long handle to carry it on your shoulder and three interior compartments. You can combine it with the matching billfold.  

148,68 €