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Adal was the name of one of the dancers and poetess in the court of Abd ar-Rahman II. The leaves and spirals are streamlined and they cover almost every part of this jewelry box. This elegant chest features a key and a lock. The right decision if you are searching for a handmade leather product with a unique style. Dimensions: 28x18x16 cm 

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Composition Vegetable-tanned lambskin
Dimensions 28x18x16 cm
Process Wooden box lined with handwork leather, silvered with a sheet of silver and aged
Technique Embossing
Acabado Cordobán
Mounting Wooden box
Availability Available upon request (15-20 days)
Inside Red or green velvet. Lock and a key
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The Imperial design is a simple pattern of geometrical elements based on extended diamonds, which can be often seen on heraldry. The inside of each diamond is decorated with the same pattern of radiate flower present on the intersections between each diamond. An excellent choice for a present or any other special occasion.Dimensions:13x13x5 cm 

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