The Mezquita Bag Collection by cordovan style.

The Mezquita Bag Collection by cordovan style.

The Mosque of Cordoba is close to Meryan offices, where it stands with its imposing architecture and recognizable elements all over the world. The Mezquita Bag Collection has been inspired by the horseshoe, bifoil and semicircular arcades, the ceilings and the ornamentation of the building.



This series of accessories has an out-of-time design where you can behold the excellent quality of Meryan´s leatherwork. New structures and functionality to help you every day. The bags are formal abstractions of the Mosque entrances and the Mihrab niche, where the arch has a squared alfil(moulding) and spandrels decorated with mosaics.



The splendor and wealth of the Caliphate of Cordoba are introduced in the embossing with a traditional strapwork design which fades our to the edges in a updated revision of the cordobán. It is a bow wheel with a figure pattern based in a sixteen-pointed star.

This bag collection has a variety of colors and uses, with different leather handles or metal rings. We have versatile models that can keep up an intense use. They comprise a colour box and shades typically related to the Mosque of Cordoba.


The Mezquita collection is addressed to the young and active women looking for a practical accessory made with a high quality leather and a fine finish, both for work or leisure time.

Mezquita is a fashion product that keeps the traditional way of crafting to rescue history.

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