Handicrafts and the soul of Christmas

Handicrafts and the soul of Christmas

Once again and barely noticed it is that time of the year when enthusiasm and generosity toward the others overflow in a mixture of consumerist euphoria and certain irrationality within our good faith.

All those bright lights and cheerful music everywhere seem to impel us to shopping compulsively in a frantic rush in order to surprise and delight our dearest ones.

But, do we really reach our goal?..

It is difficult in a globalised and standardised world where all of us dress the same clothes, perfume ourselves with the same scents and wear the same accessories.

We believe that a different Christmas time is possible, one in which we really consider each person a unique and special one.

We propose to change the empty act of consuming into a full meaning and enriching experience.

Let’s surprise today and create a special memory for tomorrow. Let’s avoid that “planned obsolescence” and those impersonal products made in chain that will, sooner than later, be forgotten and unfashionable.

Dozens of handicraft markets display their beauty, quality and exclusivity on the squares of our cities around Spain. There we will discover genuine and creative pieces made one by one by experienced hands and ancient techniques.

Artisans capable of creating and working for countless hours to achieve the perfection of every single piece as singular as unique.


Let’s give time…

Handcrafts seems like more expensive than an industrial product but its lifetime and quality is certainly higher. All raw materials are carefully selected, the manufacturing techniques are accurately developed and the final piece is closely checked through artisan’s “know-how.  He only knows how important it is to provide client with perfection.

Give handicraft means giving heritage, time, exclusivity and supports a productive activity that create new employments…

Let’s fill this year our Christmas gifts with SOUL.

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