To All the Mums

To All the Mums

Their day is coming and we would like to pay a heartfelt tribute to all of them.

Have we ever thought of how are they as mother? It is a very interesting question because all of them are different but equal at the same time…

From a funny pointview, all the mothers most of times are right in their predictions, they have a powerful and somewhat disconcerting intuition and an extraordinary talent for finding lost things!

From a deeper sense, they are capable of greater efforts to give their children the best with infinite patience, love and sacrifice. The best present for them is for sure, stop and think how is she as our mother.

This date might seem obvious but the celebration of Mother’s Day goes back thousand of years. The Mother was revered in ancient Greece and Rome. Actually The “Hilaria” was celebrated by the romans in the middle of March and along three days people offered fresh flowers to Cibeles, Mother of Gods.

But our contemporary idea and the date for Mother’s Day has a more claiming background and the origin is in the XX century. It was President Thomas Wilson Woodrow who acceded to the request of the activist Anna Reeves Harvis’s daughter and he established the 9th of May as The Mother’s Day. Anna, fought against  child mortality on both sides during the American Civil War and she founded the Mother’s Friendship Day. After her death the daughter asked for a date to remember that courage. This is the reason why May is in most of countries the date for this celebration, but in U.K the “Mothering Sunday” is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent.

Our recognition for our mothers, either as children or as partners, can’t be overemphasized and a surprise is always welcomed. Meryan wants to give you some ideas for them whether classic, contemporary, practical or thoughtful… A few ideas to pamper your mother.

The new belts “Palmira” and “Aurea” are safe and elegant bets, and they are available in red or black and made of high quality leather. FOTO 2


The bags are an iconic gift and always a hit. You can choose between backpack bags, bucket bags or tote bags, all of them in embossed leather and different colours. You can complete your gift with colourful purses. 


If you prefer something more familiar and emotional, you can choose from a wide range of chests and jewelry boxes with delicate designs like this “Tree of life” pattern.

You can inspire with our proposes or enter in our online shop if you prefer and make your mother happy!

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