The First men´s accessories collection

The First men´s accessories collection

Meryan, the Cordoba brand specialized in leatherwork using the techniques of Cordoba and guadamecí, releases its first men´s accessories collection, handmade on embossed leather. It is inspired on the traditional pattern tile decoration designed by Granada Barrero, Andalussian Design Award in 2016.

This collection of bags combine traditional shadows in contrast with textures, taking care of the leather and working on the Cordoba elegantly, with design and mosaics from Meryan´s centenary archives.

The designer Granada Barrero has helped her client to do the transition from the furniture and handmade decoration sector to fashion, keeping the production processes and revisiting its history.


This men´s collection is inspired by the patios of Cordoba and the surroundings of the Mosque. The base is the Andalusian tile and its mixed lines patterns, the real feature of this series.

The closing strips and the handles seem to begin inside the bag, and they go through a hole. This represents the constructive approach of line decoration in the accessories pattern. It is patently clear the connection between design and Cordoba´s Mozarab origin.

There are also some other useful details like the seams, created to delimit color variations, types of leather and zones of Cordoba technique. Thus, it will be easier to renovate the collection every season.

The Lacería collection is addressed to experienced customers who can tell where quality is and enjoy beautiful and durable pieces. Its pattern functionality covers the contemporary man´s needs with impeccable interiors to put in all kind of gadgets.

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