The tree of life from stone to leather

The tree of life from stone to leather

The tree, a revered symbol of life, wisdom and immortality to many cultures, religions and philosophies, is rooted in the Earth and rises its branches to the wind, coming into contact with heaven... Today, this will be our topic

We incorporated this pattern in boxes, tapestries and paintings not only for its beauty but also for its symbolism. We carried on the Umayyad and Medina Azahara designs.

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This decoration is influenced by Persian and Sassanid art that flourished before the foundation of Islam. The Hom, in the fifth century B.C. was the heavenly tree, which was created by Ahura Mazda, god of wisdom and goodness. Centuries later this Hom-Tree inspired the Umayyad designs. The Tree of Life in Medina Azahara shows a symmetrical drawing on the axis of the trunk, while the branches and leaves are insolubly interlaced. It gives us the idea of "endlessness". The patters simulate basically grapevine leaves, palmettes and cones, as a result of Roman,Byzantine and Sassanid influences.


The Tree of Life has been named in different ways through history and cultures of America, Europe or Eastern. Its iconography has been envolving over time, but in all cases these trees are symmetrical with visible grounded roots and wide open branches and leaves to carry the heaven. This image represents the idea of the death and the goodness.

The tree of knowledge is as old as human history. One of the first images was an ancient Babylon, fourth millenium B.C. and it was known as Kishkanu. That tree connected the underworld with heaven, and it was the place where the gold of fertility and the god of knowledge lived.In ancient Egypt, the Sycamore and Locust Tree were venerated and connected with gods Osiris and Isis.

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"The Trees of Paradise", mentioned in Jewish, Christian and Islamic sacred text, are closer tous. This was, for example, the Tree that condemned Adam and Eve leave paradise. It is the duality of Good and Evil.

We won´t finish without reference to Crann Bethadh, the celtic tree of life that always was the core of its settlements, presiding and protecting its people.

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In closing, perhaps we have forgotten in our modern cities how important it is to value and revere for its unquestionable importance for Life. Let us look at the past to have a better future.

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