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This model is an adaptation of the Walada design, a handmade bucket bag made of leather. A bag for daily use with a matching wallet. It includes a long shoulder strap and a magnetized clasp. Heigth:27cm Width:25cm Depth:15cm

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Composition Vegetable-tanned cow’s leather
Dimensions Height:27cm Width:25cm Depth:15cm / Shoulder strap: 20x14cm
Process Handmade embossed leather, varnished and decorated
Technique Embossing
Acabado Cordoban
Availability Available upon request (15-20 days)
Inside Inside pocket and double compartment for mobile phones
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Leather shopper bag made with cordoban technique inspired by the horseshoe, bifoil and semicircular arcades in the Mosque of Cordova. It a shopper of landscape format and large dimension. Leather handbag with black or natural colors includes metal hoop or leather handle in different colors. A new bag concept with simple and more contemporary lines. Size: 36x30x7 cm 


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  • Avril

    Quality and beautiful

    por en 2020-09-17

    I absoulty love the 3 bags i have now. They are classy designs and beautiful. And are made to the highest standards. You wont be disappointed.

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