Embossed leather handbag inspired in old design of cordovan leather placed in Viana Palace in the city of Cordova. 

235,54 €

Embossed leather representing the vegetable motifs carved in limestone and marble in the old city Madinat al-Zahra. Limited Edition. 

243,80 €

Wide shopping bag with great capacity and finished with the cordoban tecnique. A Baroque inspired bag with stunning beauty and colour. Very limited series. This handbags also features a shoulder handle. On the inside, it has a zipped compartment and two additional pockets. Size: 37 x 27 cm. 

271,90 €

Tote bag made of embossed leather with the tradicional tecnique of cordobán. It represents the famous picture of Klimt, "The kiss", a real work of art. It has a handle to hang and inside it has three compartments. Size: 37 x 27 cm. 

272,31 €

This leather briefcase is part of the new collection on islamic patterns created in our workshop and design by Granada Barrero. An elegant and sober bag with cordoban technique. The briefcase has enough space to carry your pens, mobile, a notebook, ipad and a computer 12p. Size: 28x38x6 cm / 11.02/14.96/2.36 inches. Product on request in red color....

206,20 €