A leather mirror frame to decorate your dressing room, bedroom o any place in your house. Size: 37 x 37 cm / 14,56 x 1456 inches. 

115,29 €

Another embossed leather chessboard with medieval design and 3,5 cm squares (1,37795 inches). We must stand out the decorative border with Middle Age motifs. A stunning gift for chess lovers and a great decorative element for any room or hall.  

140,08 €

Leather mirror frame finished with silver leaf. Wonderful for any room of the house. Dimensions: 56x50 cm  

243,80 €

The Isabelino design applied to this engraved stool made of handcarved wood. Dimensions: 44x52x32 cm 

578,10 €

This hip-joint chair combines the Isabelino design with heraldry motifs (Coat of arms of Toledo). The hip-joint chair (or jamuga in Spanish) has been used for centuries and we can still find some models in cathedrals, castles and old houses. This chair is made of embossed leather and handcarved wood. Dimensions: 84x68x47 cm 

1 053,72 €

A Renaissance style engraved leather folding screen. A decorative element useful to divide rooms and set different areas as kitchen and dining room, living room and office?Composed of 3 panels 190 cm high x 48 cm wide each. 

2 355,37 €